Boise Train Depot Wedding

August 27, 2015 0 Comments

Planning a wedding is no easy task. You dont  really understand the magnitude until you begin the undertaking. There are so many details. One of the most important is selecting the venue. You want a location that will match the theme for your day. Katie and Andre had a fabulous wedding in Boise, Idaho and they selected the right venue for this magnificent affair.

1egp1nopwezp91ukf250_low ka8wmj91ho4o5vh23q80_low 95xxdwdz6qrvoypa9b12_low hrwnpuch1mvjd3rw0b35_low dt9n7iw3qa7vfsqobu50_thumbThey tied the knot at the Boise Bus Depot. This building is a Spanish style edifice first constructed in 1925. Even the ceilings have Spanish trusses that are imprinted with antique locomotives. What an amazing location to get married? dcahfzhqyqku4fgx7c44_low ooynadpgjfgwonmvv026_low Boise Train Depot WeddingKatie was stunning. She wore a sleeveless dress with a jeweled waistband. She accented this with a simple necklace. She wore her hair down and it rested behind her shoulders. Her bouquet matched the colors of the day with the pink blooms. Boise Train Depot Wedding Boise Train Depot Wedding u8m75wtjz88vungf0t40_low Boise Train Depot WeddingBut the location was not the only thing that made this wedding special. Katie and Andre drove in a Rolls Royce. The perfect car for their nuptials The color choice for the day was also on point as well. ek3ngugr66xiy3vj4w60_low w7z6wzq49uz1snboas14_low Boise Train Depot Wedding iahwvonpmd4fqknzye28_low xpix8gyunx04xqa8jq07_low dgvsh7rxz88v83yydu68_low otc6feb422qpcsqncy14_lowThe groom and groomsmen looked incredible. They all wore gray suits with pink ties. The brides maids wore aqua colored gowns. They were a very vibrant bridal party. wn4r5k4k92kn2i0pcg41_low 82e12us0d6ygm34erp44_low xrg77d3wsopkiqp7jf32_low 5vncr9ob6sqxh6aprk82_low Boise Train Depot Wedding h2bbaaqycv7dj6ysjh32_low 28ufyjt1fzh3hfmzi323_low 9gktfshzagb4vv1ggj70_lowThis was an incredible wedding. The venue was great and matched the feeling that they wanted to evoke. Keep this mind when planning your wedding so that your day will be cohesive.








Photographer:  E+E Photography//Location: Boise Train Depot

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