Boone Hall Plantation Engagement Photos

November 28, 2016 0 Comments

Located in Mount Pleasant fifteen minutes northeast of Charleston, Boone Hall features copious natural beauty and a rich historical tradition. This is where Casey and Eric decided to have their engagement session. Check out some of their lovely Boone Hall Plantation engagement photos.boone-hall-plantation-engagement-photos boone-hall-plantation-engagement-photos-3 boone-hall-plantation-engagement-photos-4 boone-hall-plantation-engagement-photos-2Casey’s white textured dress is perfect for the occasion and looks stunning next to Eric’s stylish suit.Later in the session, Casey and Eric opted for more casual attire. Casey’s striking cobalt blue dress was completed with a blue and green print scarf and perfectly matched Eric’s button-up and khaki Charleston casual look. boone-hall-plantation-engagement-photos-7 boone-hall-plantation-engagement-photos-5 boone-hall-plantation-engagement-photos-6 boone-hall-plantation-engagement-photos-8 boone-hall-plantation-engagement-photos-11 boone-hall-plantation-engagement-photos-10 boone-hall-plantation-engagement-photos-9Adding a stylish hat and light jacket, Casey completed her Southern look. Casey and Eric Boone Hall Plantation engagement photos turned out lovely.





Photographer:  Riverland Studios//Location: Boone Hall Plantation//

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