What makes a successful engagement session? There really isn’t any special formula. Most important is that you select a venue that will provide a nice backdrop and that you decide to have a good time. We have a wonderful session to share that definitely fits this description.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Engagement Session. EXO Photography-2 EXO Photography-3Thomas and Julie both wanted a view of New York City as a backdrop. They selected the Empire Brooklyn Ferry at Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was such a spectacular setting. EXO Photography-4 EXO Photography-5 EXO Photography-6 EXO Photography-7 Brooklyn Bridge Park Engagement SessionThey sat down and embraced. They hugged and kissed. They also looked lovingly into each other’s eyes. They were able to obtain some amazing shots. They looked so relaxed. EXO Photography-8 EXO Photography-10 EXO Photography-9The New York City skyline is breathtaking. It is legendary. They were able to capture it beautifully during their engagement session. EXO Photography-11 EXO Photography-12 EXO Photography-13A successful engagement session has some certain elements. A special venue is chosen. The couple is relaxed and they have fun. These components are important because you want to look natural and at ease in your photos. Selecting a particular place helps you both to feel comfortable. Keep these important things in mind when planning your engagement session and you will get some great photos to cherish both now and after the wedding.




Photographer:  EXO Photography//Other Location:Empire Fulton Ferry//

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