Fern Love Story

November 25, 2016 0 Comments

We just love when couples go outside of the box. It is not that tradition is bad, it is simply that it may not reflect the style of the couple. Why do something that does not feel right for you? Bridal portraits are normally a time for the bride to be showcased. There has been a trend to also include the groom. We have a wonderful shoot from Utah that does exactly that. 

fern-love-story fern-love-story-2Brit and Tyler designed their session around ferns and they included them in the images in various ways. They also infused their love for each other into each picture.fern-love-story-7 fern-love-story-8 fern-love-story-5 fern-love-story-9The bride wore a gorgeous sleeveless gown. The bodice had amazing details with a jeweled waistband. The groom wore a suit with a white shirt and no tie. The boutonniere and the bouquet all included ferns with the flowers. The background had ferns on the wall as well in a planter.  fern-love-story-4 fern-love-story-10 fern-love-story-11 fern-love-story-3 fern-love-story-6 fern-love-story-12 fern-love-story-16 fern-love-story-14 fern-love-story-13 fern-love-story-15Brit and Tyler had a great bridal portrait session. They were creative and they turned it into a mini engagement shoot. It was lovely. They both looked stunning and more than anything they got some fantastic pictures in their wedding attire.




Photographer:  Hights Photography//Dress Store: Bridal Closet//Equipment Rentals: Diamond Rental//

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