Gorgeous Kentucky Engagement Session

February 22, 2016 0 Comments
Nathan and Stephanie went for a stroll at DeVou Park in Covington for their Gorgeous Kentucky engagement session. Stephanie and Nathan dated when Stephanie was a senior. When Stephanie went off to college they parted ways. After three years of not speaking, they rekindled their lost flame and it felt like nothing skipped a beat.

Kentucky-Engagement-Session-2Kentucky-Engagement-SessionKentucky-Engagement-Session-3There are many myths about engagement sessions. At times, these misconceptions prevent couples from doing them at all. However, the great thing about these shoots is that anything really goes. It is a session that allows you to call the shots for the most part and get some candid pictures of the two of you together.  Kentucky-Engagement-Session-4 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-5 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-6 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-7Stephanie went on vacation with Nathan’s family. One evening Nathan took Stephanie on a stroll down the beach. Little did she know his family had set up a blanket, wine, and roses and he would soon get down on one knee and propose! Kentucky-Engagement-Session-8 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-9 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-10 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-11They also wore more than one outfit for this lovely Kentucky engagement session. In one part, Stephanie had on pants, a shirt and boots. She then changed into a cute black dress. Believe it or not, it is true that you are what you wear. Simply changing your clothes will bring out another aspect of your personality and allow the photographer to capture another side of your relationship in the pictures.  Kentucky-Engagement-Session-12 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-14 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-13 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-15 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-16 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-18Kentucky-Engagement-Session-17 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-20 Kentucky-Engagement-Session-19The great thing about engagement shoots is that they are not complicated. You decide on the venue and what you want to wear. You choose natural props or bring some of your own. This is totally up to you. But more than anything you must have fun and enjoy a special time with your future mate. You will definitely come away with photos that you will be able to treasure now and in the future.





Photographer:  L Hunley Photography
Location: Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky

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