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Rooftop Sunrise Couples Shoot

Rooftop Sunrise Couples Shoot

Everyone has heard of engagement sessions. Everyone also knows that one of aspects of a wedding is definitely the photography. But it is also nice to have pictures along your journey. We have a "just because" shoot held in Atlanta, Georgia. While our couple is in love, they are not engaged yet.

Vitor and Daiany have known each other for most of their lives. They have attended the same church as well as the same school. They are both currently in college. This session features them at sunrise on a rooftop as well as a parking deck. It was a very romantic and intimate shoot.

Dainy wore a gorgeous white maxi dress and Vitor wore a tee shirt and jeans. The most breathtaking photos were those of them embracing in front of the Atlanta skyline. It was beautiful as the sun peaked out over the horizon. We also loved the poses of them seated and lovingly gazing at each other. A picture does tell a thousand words.

If they later decide to tie the knot, these photos can be used during the wedding season to display their journey. Most couples do not have professional photos taken prior to the engagement. These photos will also be cherished in years to come as they look back at their beginning. 8vcus409gky5u0ynno30_low















Photographer:  Hellen Oliveira Photography

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