Houston Texas Engagement Session

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Engagement sessions are a tremendous opportunity to obtain pictures of just the two of you. Some couples opt for simple shoots while others have a more elaborate plan. Jennifer and Richard have many different sides and they were able to capture many of them during their session.

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Their shoot began at Tranquility Park in Houston, Texas. What could be more romantic than a picnic in the park? They both wore casual clothing. They relaxed on a blanket on the grass and practiced yoga. They explored their playful side during this portion and obtained some adorable pictures.

houston-texas-engagement-session-6 houston-texas-engagement-session-7 houston-texas-engagement-session-8 houston-texas-engagement-session-9 houston-texas-engagement-session-11 houston-texas-engagement-session-12 houston-texas-engagement-session-10 houston-texas-engagement-session-13They dressed up in black for the next part. They looked very elegant as though they were on their way to an opera. This portion took places  at the Julia Ideson Library and captured their romantic side. houston-texas-engagement-session-2 houston-texas-engagement-session-16 houston-texas-engagement-session houston-texas-engagement-session-3 houston-texas-engagement-session-17 houston-texas-engagement-session-14 houston-texas-engagement-session-15 houston-texas-engagement-session-18For the last part, Jennifer and Richard headed to the Honeymoon Cafe. They snacked on croissants and coffee. They held hands. They kissed. This captured their intimate side. houston-texas-engagement-session-20 houston-texas-engagement-session-19 houston-texas-engagement-session-21 houston-texas-engagement-session-22 Julia-Ideson-Engagement-SessionJennifer and Richard really had an amazing engagement session. They obtained pictures enjoying each other in many different settings. This is why it was so fantastic. You may not be able to plan such an elaborate session but try to select venue [s] as well  as clothing that will allow you to capture different aspects of your relationship. You will obtain pictures that you can treasure for a lifetime.






Photographer:  CivicPhotos//Restaurant: The HoneyMoon Cafe//

November 26, 2016

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