Joshua Tree National Park Surprise Proposal

January 16, 2017 0 Comments

A girl just knows when a man is going to propose. She can feel it in the air. However, she does not know the when or the how. This is definitely the man’s decision to make. Due to some recent developments in their lives, Nick knew that Amy was anticipating the big question. He came up with the perfect plan and she was totally surprised. 

Nick and Amy had met while they both attended Virginia Tech. After seven years,they relocated to San Diego for their jobs. Amy had said that she really wanted to go to Joshua Tree National Park to take pictures. Nick knew that if he suggested it that she would catch on. But then their friend provided the perfect deflection. She invited them to be her models for a photo shoot at Joshua Tree National Park. Amy quickly agreed and the plan was set in motion.

They went to the park and started the session. They got some cute pictures as they hugged and snuggled. But then the plan began to unfold. Nick got on one knee and asked Amy to be his wife. She was overjoyed and shocked. Her raw emotions were captured. It was precious.

I know that many guys struggle with this stuff. They shy away from the mushy things. However, most men love a challenge and deciding when to propose is a great chance to display your ingenuity. Take the opportunity to be creative. Shock your future bride and plan the biggest moment of your relationship. If you have a photographer present, you can enjoy it later together and cherish it in years to come. 




Photographer:  Joey Photo//Apparel: Flynn Skye//Location:Joshua Tree National Park //

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