It is simply magical when a couple is able to blend the old and new in their nuptials. It just makes the event extra special. Jon and Lauren were able to do just that for their Bohemian styled wedding in Empire Hall, Missouri. But long before the wedding or even the love affair they had to meet. This was just destiny. They were both in Korea teaching English. Imagine meeting each other across the world and then eventually getting married on the other side of the sea? Perfect ending to a fairy tale love affair. Their wedding was just as unique as their initial encounter. Missouri Real WeddingMissouri Real Wedding

Let’s first start with the bride. Lauren was gorgeous but definitely not traditional. She opted for a blush gown instead of white. She wore heels that had most beautiful floral design. She wore a purple petticoat that belonged to her grandmother. What a nice touch? Her bouquet was very vibrant. The purple flowers just popped. She wore a floral headband in her hair and she did not wear jewelry. It was the right choice for her ensemble and to match the Bohemian theme.

Missouri Real WeddingJon matched her perfectly. He had a great beard that set the tone. He wore a navy blue suit with black tie. His boutonniere was lavender which fit the color scheme. Missouri Real Wedding Missouri Real Wedding Oldani Photography-15 Oldani Photography-2

Jon and Lauren exchanged their vows in the field among the trees. It was such a breathtaking backdrop. It was simply spectacular.

Missouri Real Wedding Missouri Real Wedding Missouri Real Wedding Missouri Real Wedding Missouri Real Wedding Oldani Photography-14 Oldani Photography-17 Missouri Real WeddingAt the reception, they had yellow streamers hanging from the ceiling. The tables were very simple coverings with wonderful sunflowers. They also multi-colored sticks that were placed on the tables as well. Missouri Real Wedding Oldani Photography-9 Oldani Photography-13The desserts were also amazing. They were made by hand and the frosting was so colorful. It just brightened up the whole room.
Oldani Photography-8 Missouri Real WeddingOldani Photography-12

Jon and Lauren travelled across the world to meet each other. It is quite an unconventional way to meet your future spouse.  They showed that it is acceptable to deviate from tradition. They showed that you by simply paying attention to details you can have a wedding that represents you. Happy planning.

Captured by: Oldani Photography  O

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