Romantic Palanga Beach Proposal

October 17, 2014 0 Comments

There is that moment when a man just knows that his girlfriend is the one. She is the person that he wants to be with for the rest of his life. She may have clues but until he actually proposes, she does not know for sure. For this reason, the proposal should be a big deal. We have a simply amazing proposal shoot from Palanga Beach in Lithuania to share with you.

trendy14 trendy9Aleksandras planned an incredible day. He created such a romantic setting. They had a nice table draped with a white tablecloth nestled underneath a canopy of tulle. He had a bottle of champagne chilling which was flanked by two glasses that were filled with grapes. Inga thought that they were just having a nice outing on the beach but she was definitely in for a surprise. trendy8 Romantic Palanga Beach Proposal The photographer hid in the bushes so that Inga’s reaction could be captured when Aleksandras popped the question. She was so surprised. She was speechless. Then they toasted their engagement with the champagne. Romantic Palanga Beach Proposal Romantic Palanga Beach Proposal After the proposal, the happy couple had an impromptu engagement session on the beach. They walked on the sand and in the water. They embraced and they kissed. trendy1Romantic Palanga Beach Proposal trendy3 trendy10 trendy7A proposal is an event. It should be planned. You need to show your intended that you feel that asking her to marry you is a big deal. Make sure that you hire a photographer to capture her reaction. You will both be able to cherish that day as you relive that special moment.




Captured by Jurgita Lukos Photography

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