Snowy Colorado Engagement Photos

January 7, 2015 0 Comments

For engagement shoots, the simpliest details can make all of the difference. What you might think is a bad thing, can be turned into a good one such as rain or snow. It snowed during the shoot for Sara and Chris but it made it more magical. It turned the setting into a winter wonderland.

Snowy Colorado Engagement Photos Mathew Irving Photography-3They held their session in Denver along the Cherry Creek bank. They looked so romantic as the snow fell on their clothes and faces. They walked hand in hand, they hugged and cuddled as they enjoyed the white flakes from the sky. Snowy Colorado Engagement Photos Mathew Irving Photography-5 Mathew Irving Photography-4Many times a couple will use multiple venues or outfits in order to give their photos variety. It was so beautiful even though they did not change clothes or locations. But they had other ways to give their photos versatility. Mathew Irving Photography-6 Mathew Irving Photography-7Their dog Jackson was the main attraction for another portion of their session. They sat down with him. They hugged him. These pictures showed how much their dog is a part of their family. Snowy Colorado Engagement Photos Mathew Irving Photography-10 Snowy Colorado Engagement Photos Mathew Irving Photography-9Sara and Chris had an incredible engagement session. They made the most of the environment and obtained spectacular pictures.




Photographer:  Mathew Irving Photography

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